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General Punto left foot braking


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Sep 25, 2007
Over the past month I have managed to learn to use left foot braking to kill the excessive understeer the punto (and most fwd cars) get under hard cornering. The punto seems to respond to it well.

It is a weird feeling, the car kind of gets sucked round the corner perfectly balanced (when you get it right!). It is also possible to get full on oversteer and slide it around 2nd gear corners.

Anyone else do this?

NOTE: It goes without saying do not attempt this on public roads!

NOTE 2: REMEMBER YOUR LEFT FOOT IS USED TO MASHING DOWN ON THE CLUTCH NOT FINELY CONTROLLING THE BRAKE PEDAL!! Learn to brake normally with it first and try not to headbutt the windscreen while doing this ;)

Useful links: (how to article)

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(Colin Mcrae)
Apr 8, 2004
Yeah its good fun. And often nessasary on the track in a Punto style car to control the understeer. Im more used to the heel - toe technique cause the only cars I've had on the track are powerfull / rear wheel drive.