Technical punto engine management light

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Technical punto engine management light

Nov 30, 2003
where it rains a lot
Hi Guys

is there anyone in the Teesside area or surrounding area thet could have a look at my 2001 sporting ? the orange engine light come on yesterday and rather then take my car to fiat so they can have my eyes out again with their prices i would rather give the business to a clued up forum member. I tried the ECU reset by leaving the battery terminals off all night but the fault is still there,,, funny thing is the car is driving perfect as always with no problems which makes me think it might be a dodgy sensor

any help would be appreciated

all the best

all sorted now guys, thought i would give it a bash with my lappy and software, run the software and recieved error code -P1135 - pedal position sensor a circuit intermitant, so i have cleared the code , took the car for a run and all seems well for now

fingers crossed