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Aug 1, 2005
Okay, basically afew questions :D

#1 whats the BHP on a 1.6 Punto? (is there a 1.6? i saw on another thread...)
whats the 0-60 on a 55sx? and on a 1.6 punto? thanks =)

also, i have a 55sx, and if iw as to do a engine conversion what would be ebst idea? 1.2? =/! or 1.6?

what prices i looking at for both? cheers :D

please no cussing and calling me dumb etc :p thanks =)
The 1.6 is 90bhp. 0-60 in 10.5. The 1.1 takes about 5 seconds longer to get to 60.

One of the problems with the engine conversion as far as I can see is power steering, unless yours has it from the start?

The 1.2 is the lighter unit and is the more modern unit too, afaik the 1.6 8v came out of the old Tipo and was discontinued about 1998. 1.2 is quoted as offering 40mpg combined as opposed to 1.6's 35 and it's also 0.3s quicker to 60 in a Sporting.

I couldn't beging to advise you on cost, anywhere bwteen 100-200 for the engine? 1.2s will probably be more expensive and lower mileage if out of a scrapper, but not always.

TBH, I can forsee a few problems with doing this, and I'm no expert. I think the 55 also lacks a front roll bar. It does beg the question, why not buy a Sporting or a 90ELX?
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the 1.6 90 engine was around 89bhp.

as for conversion, i wouldn't bother with either of those engines.

do you have any serious mods that would be difficult to remove? if not, then sell up and buy a car with a more powerful engine.