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punto boot build

Sep 16, 2006
just wondering i wanna build a boot build i currently have 350w 6x9s and 2bass boxes 400W each two speakers in each

what im wanting to do it do a boot build using MDF and take the 4speakers out of the bass boxes and put them in the boot i just wanna know how easy they r make and im worryed about if i ever need my spare how to access it

also ive got a few neons to light up the amp and its on a cig plug just wanting to no if i chop the end of that off and strip it to show some wire and connect it on the the live on the amp work it work ? or is there some fuse inside the cig plug ???

thanks for any help :)
i've taken the cig plug off lights before sometimes they work sometimes they don't, the neon i had worked, you'll have to fit a switch or they'll be on all the time.
you could wire second socket from existing one then when you turn ingnition off lights would go off
if i wire it to the live in the amp wouldnt it turn off wen i take my HU out cos of the remote wire ? the neons are on a box swith that comes with it cos there ones that beat to the sound of the music and can turn them off from that

il cut them off 2moro and see if they work if not il leave room just incase and il re wire them up and sort it out lol
only simple ones i like to keep boot space, its now carpeted grey and has a smoked window above the amp, thinking of adding some lighting


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sweet mite give it ago lol

ive got 6x9s in the parcel shelf ive been told to put MDF under them to give them a better sound is this true ?

in your instruction manual with your speakers(if you aint got you can easily getoff the internet) it tells you boxed volume required just make a box to fit underneath them that are the right volume and they create a superb sound! if you want a demo to start with take your sub(if youve got one) out of its box and listen then put it in, youll get better sound because the sound can only travel in one direction and thats towards your ear and not in the boot!

im doing my sound system atm just waiting to get time to go to B&Q to get mdf to build a brand new parcel shelf and boxes for my 6x9's

hope this helps