Technical Punto 188 loud engine noise,low power

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Technical Punto 188 loud engine noise,low power


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Jan 21, 2023
hello my friends.
i need some help with my punto and hope for replies.
so the engine has become very noisy and when i press the gas pedal there's not much power.
after watching some youtube videos i guess it's running on only 3 cylinders.
now i checked the 4 ignition cables.
i unplugged them one-by-one and started the engine.
the sound of the engine changed and got worse for 3 of the 4 cables, but when i unplugged the 2nd one from the top it stayed the same.
however, i could see sparks coming out from the cable.
when i took out the 1st and 2nd cable from the top and swapped them, the sound of the engine stayed the same. so i think the coil pack is ok?
so what exactly is defective here?
the spark plug or the ignition cable, or something else?
i hope someone can help me.
thank you very much in advance.


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So if you mix and match the cables, your engine will sound worse and that's because they're not fitted in the right place.

If you see sparks coming out of the cable, it means your cable is split or has a cut. This happened to me. I went to the store and bought 4 new cables and fitted them. Once fitted, performance was back, no sparks were shown on the cable and it worked fine.