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General Our new 100HP - Wheel colour


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Sep 2, 2007
Hello, as some of you may know, we picked our 100HP up at the weekend - Great fun.

We have the Pandamania pack included..
The wheels are not the normal silver colour, they are more a graphite and really suit the car - Looks amazing..

Not seen this listed an an option anywhere, does anyone else have these wheels, or offer an explanation.

Ok - I'll try and sort some pictures and post them up tomorrow.

Anyone else have these wheels ?
Congratulations on the new car...... Enjoy it.

As for the wheels, I did read somewhere that the alloys with the Pandamonia Pack do have a darker tint than the standard 100HP alloy. I just let the brake dust build up on mine to get the same effect.;)

I agree, the wheels will appear to stay clean longer due to the colour...

I drive a Audi A4 2ltr Turbo Sline quattro, dont get me wrong, the Panda can't compete with the performance, but its a solid little car that brings a smile to your face when you put your foot down.

I have Red badges on their way, should arrive at the dealers this week, I do perfer them to the blue ones.
I remember reading that the darker alloys were included with the pack on foreign models only :S


Why an Italian manufacturer building cars for the European market in a Polish factory should differentiate on the tinting of alloy wheels for different markets is beyond me.....but hey, I only buy what do I know?
Nice one on the new car.
Yes the wheels on the Pandamania pack are a darker colour then the standard wheels, I have them too and I tried to photo this one day but didnt really work.
Its really noticable when you park your car beside a panda without the pack.
Enjoy the new car

Ok thanks for the reply - If anyone can post a picture then great as I'm unable to - Dont know why !!
I posted these a while back, cant really see the colour difference but.....


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I like the wheels a lot but IMO the red calipers spoil the monochrome effect.
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Pandamania Pack Contents

Hi Guys,

I recently got my 100HP with Pandamania Pack fitted. I would just like to confirm what is all included in the Pack as I am already missing the carpets and the dealers in South Africa are also not sure what all is included in the Pack.


Please Advice,
Re: Pandamania Pack Contents

Hi Sulaco,

I ordered my 100HP with pandemonia pack in Feb, but still waiting for it, hopefully will be here by June. According to the sales guy, the pack includes chrome side stickers, red brake callipers, chrome door mirrors, darker tint silver rims and special interior mats.

Hope it helps.
After a few hundred miles of driving, my wheels have gone a lovely anthacite colour too ;) Time to get some less dusty uprated pads methinks :D

I'm not sure on the Pandamonium kit.

Only the red calipers work for me.

The wheels don't look that much different, only on close inspection.

That stripe is too much and the chrome mirrors don't suit the car.

Darker tints?

Only IMO thou
Sorry to burst your bubbles but the chances of you getting the mats are slim to none as Fiat actually stopped making them a long time ago, my 100hp was with me last may time and the dealer couldn't get me them even back then, the system said the were on back order but they had just stopped them altogether, sorry