Croma Our little collection... .


Left to right:

Dad's Croma 150 mulitjet Eleganza

Mum's Panda 100HP

My GP!




As you can tell we like our Fiat's at our house!
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excellent! everybody on our street thinks we (me and the missus) work for fiat because we keep on getting fiats! lol
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awesome, looks like fun getting in and out though lol
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dont worry that aren't normally parked like that usually 2 on the drive and one on the bottom, my dad said lets see if we can get all 3 cars on the drive! :D
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wow u must have laods of fun:rolleyes::p

Yeah loads!! (y) cough joking cough

Wow a croma, now thats a rare site:p Nice little line up of motors tho(y)

thanks probably getting rid of the croma and panda in the next 6months though lol croma costs too much to run and panda doesnt get used to its 'full potential'
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i know its an old thread but love those pics, wish we had all Fiats in our house. Mum & I are trying for a 500 for her, to go with my Stilo, but at the moment its a Fiat, Citroen, Renault & Vauxhall :(

Looks like one of your neighbours likes Fiat too - is that the back end of a Brava i can see? ;)

Have you got rid of the Croma & Panda as planned?
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Woohoo Croma! Looks good. Shame if you've gotten rid.

Nuovo Bravo and Nuova Croma here, and a old school Tipo if it ever comes out the garage. Also in the street of 15 houses we have a Ducato, 2 Puntos and a GP. :spin:
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ive got a seicento
my mum has a 500 abarth
my mate steve has a cinq
and my other mate ian has a bravo

go fiats!!!
Nice to see the different cars side by side. Panda not as small as one thinks, Punto bigger than you think and the Croma not a large as one would think.

It is amazing how a few extra inches can make such a big difference. (.....)