Technical Opinion on the 260W hifi system

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Technical Opinion on the 260W hifi system


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Apr 13, 2003
Tripolis, Greece.
To anyone who's interested:

a) In the 3d versions there are only 6 speakers plus the subwoofer.
Only 5d versions have 8 speakers (2 extra tweeters in the rear, absent in 3d versions)
b) The overall performance of the system is not something special.
At low volumes (max 40-50% of full volume) things are OK and the sound is almost excellent. If you decide to go higher, there is rather strong distortion, especially when near to max volume. In Greece, ordering the hifi system costs you an added 390 Euros, but I don't really know much about car hifi prices. I guess that for that kind of money you don't get something special in the free market either, plus you have to worry about compatibility problems and the ability of the technician to fit new stuff in the car, plus you have to get rid of the standard equipment. So, if you like listening to music at low-mid volume while driving,(my case), go for it, sound quality is significantly better than standard audio equipment. If, on the other hand you need everyone in a 100 feet radius to listen to what you're listening to, feeling his gut vibrating to the bass rhythm,go spend your money on a commercial set from a hifi store. A friend of mine has replaced the standard radio-cd unit with an ICE unit using the special adaptor to fill the gap in the dashboard, but the truth is that the thing looks out of place and the dashboard looks uglier. One good approach would be to order the hifi system and then replace only the speakers for a brand of better quality if not satisfied.

Hope I helped you out,