General Onto my second in two months!

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General Onto my second in two months!


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Feb 9, 2006
Hi all, finally found a Barchetta forum!

I bought my first Broom Yellow one just before Xmas, then after 3 weeks, someone coming towards me managed to spin and collect me, writing me off.

A long search later, and I now have a sweet Black German import, one or 2 small knocks here and there, but just sooooo good!

First job will be a stereo upgrade, just speakers and head unit. Can anyone tell me the speaker sizes so I don't have to take it all apart twice?!

Is there anything specific I need to look out for?

Has anyone fitted one of those Alpine under-seat subs, as they deem like a reasonable idea as well as long as I can hide it properly.

Hope someone can help!

Hiya matey, great news on the new B, sad about the old..

Speakers are 7.5 inches, I have Aplines (Forget model) becarefull as the depth behind the plastic speaker pods are narrow, if you do break them there £7 from Fiat, so do not get speakers with a large back if you know what I mean.

I also have the Alpine active sub as a fellow B owner recommended it as a must buy.
Thanks for the info. Are you sure the speakers are 7.5 inch?? That sound a bit big to me.

As you are only o ver in Swindon, any chance of me mooching along the M4 wometime and taking a look at your Barch??