Technical Off-roading Uno! please help

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Technical Off-roading Uno! please help


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Feb 24, 2006

Im setting up a Fiat Uno 903cc for an off-road endurance rally.

Does anybody have any experience or advice with regard to raising this car to give more ground clearance?

I need to make the car more durable and I think a sump / gearbox guard should be my number 1 priority.

Speed is not of the essence, so i'll be leaving the engine's performance well alone, and roll bars will just slow the car further.

Any advice or ideas would be much appreciated, as i'd love to make it to the end of this rally!!


What event are you doing ????

Also have you bought the 903cc engined car ? This may not be the most reliable of options due to having rockers and pushrods which can go at high speeds and less torque.

As to raising suspension you can use Diesel springs if you can find some in a scrap yard. But the best option is a set of Leda shocks, v. expensive but well worth it, it will allow you to alter the height of the car up and down, and the changes to the suspension angles will transform the handling of the car.

As for a sump-guard (this will be needed), OMP DO make one, deal with them direct and you should be able to get one, and they make a tank guard as well. They said it is for a Mk I Uno Turbo but it will fit any Uno.

As for other things you will need to protect fuel and brake lines, and water-proof the electrics (ie cover in plastic bags, and lots of silicon sealant everywhere).

My Uno Start has done the Lombard last year, and plenty of other rallies including the Preston Road rally widely known as the toughest rally in Britian.

Check out
for pics of my current rally car (off out rallying tonight :) )

Also check out
for the reason why you MUST buy and fit a decent roll cage.

If you need any more help let me know.


Just as matter of interest what kind of money are you talking to legally go tearing through roads and off road on these rallies?
I have been trying to get hold of a sump guard for our rally uno without sucess. A OMP dealer i spoke to said it had been deleted from their price lists ! I hadnt thought of going to OMP direct tho !

Depneds upon the event, the 12 car i have just got back from cost £10, plus fuel, tyres wear etc.... Also insurance (mine covers me for event, but you can event only cover for £15).

As for the sump / tank guards. I can find a part number if you really want as it was in theeir 2005 parts catalouge- let me know.

BTW we came 2nd overall and 1st in class, not bad for a 1000cc Uno :)
Enquired about ordering one through Demon Tweeks today. They spoke to OMP direct who have confirmed that is has been discontinued.

So if anyone has one for sale I have the cash available !

Or does anyone know a fabricator who could do the job ??