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Not so newbie!


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Jan 10, 2006
I've owned Fiats for 20 years, had other makes, but have always owned a Fiat as well! Everything from a 126 to Strada Abarth fitted with a Thema turbo motor:)

Currently got a Punto 75sx and a Brava 1.8elx, got both off Ebay, paid £650 with 45k on the clock for the Punto and £350 with 60k miles on the Brava; that's seriously cheap motoring:)

Makes my work colleagues laugh as they all aspire to owning brand new BMW's, Jags, Mercs, Lexus, etc and then tell you how much they cost; I get a kick out of buying a quickish, decent handling car for as little as possible and then don't have to pay £400 every 6 months for servicing just to keep a warranty valid:p

Reckon I've driven around 450k miles in Fiats and can honestly say I've never been stuck at the side of the road, just love 'em(y)
Helz, yep it would make for a long working day:) I'm just south of Penrith at the moment, but will be moving up to Caithness permanently in a few months. Nice drive though, the last 120 miles beyond Inverness is perfect Fiat country, combination of sweeping bends and some tighter stuff; I always tell non-Fiat drivers that Fiats may not have the most grip as standard but the way they change direction is superior to many other makes:)