not fiat, but a saab

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not fiat, but a saab


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Oct 22, 2004
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Parents have just bought one of these to replace an aging audi a6 avant.

its a dec 2001 saab 9-3 HOT aero (205 model). its a manual (which is fairly rare), it hasn't got the infamous aero wing seats, its got the next ones up, rocky sport wing seats, which are basically leather bucket seats.
in standard trim (205bhp, and 280lb/ft) it will out accelerate a current model year porshe 911 turbo:eek: from 30-70mph in 2nd then 3rd gear:eek: :eek:

however this little puppy isn't standard, its @ BSR stage 3, which means its more like 280bhp and 345lb.ft (in a FWD car), and will still pull ~30mpg on a good day. apparently it runs out of gears at 155mph, and in its original std trim 0-60 was mean't to be 6.5sec :)rolleyes: I think saab were dreaming there), it will now actually do 0-60mph in 6.5sec's if you can launch it. and possibly do just under 6sec if on a nice sticky drag strip.

anyway, v nice car, v quick, not built anything like an audi (built more like a fiat in that respect, although it does have real carbon fibre inlay on the dash:rolleyes: ), but handles a fair bit better, and will show just about anything else on the road up.

only problem we have is the stupid wheels, BSR stage 3 went onto insurance for an extra £80 (£280fully comp for both parents), but those stupid natty BK racing wheels (same size as OEM) will cost another £140:eek: , so we are trying to find some OEM saab hot aero alloys with or without tyres before then (tyres are toyo proxes summit or other, ~£85 each, so we can change them over easily), before we pick it up on wednesday, although it looks likeit ain't gonna happen(n)
bstrd insurance co's
well yeah, but the 9-5 saloon weighs 215kg MORE than the 9-3, and its higher geared (so it can do 70in 2nd, wheras the 9-3 runs out at 66mph:( )

with the BSR kit its a defo, unless the porshe is equally mod'd up

the 9-5 aero of the time was 230bhp, its the viggen's that were 250bhp (but aero was the one that could out do it). they also did a viggen in the 9-3, 230bhp but can be mod'd to 250 like the 9-5 for about 10minutes of your time;)
and they only come in electric blue and yellow, nad the interior is colour coded to the paint, so owners of yellow ones have a manky yellow interior
I saw a lovely looking 9-3 on a forecourt before I brought the derv, went over to have a look, saw the viggen badges on the side, looked inside and itl looked ace.

Why I didn't buy it, I don't know.

But then, I probally wouldn't have a mortgage either.

Was the derv the right choice? As posted earlier in the year, I nearly got rid of it for something quicker... And Saab Viggen is something 'different'
Is it me, or does that pic look photoshopped? :chin: Should be a quick comfy reliable service barge with a bit of poke :D
its not photoshopped, just those wheels are brand new:yuck: they are OK from a distance, but still rather the OEM aero jobs, far nicer:cool:

parents both took two days off work to drive to perth (from cumbria) to see one that was on a saab forecourt, in supposidly mint condition with this and that.
they got there (last wkd I think) and it had rust bubbles in several places on rear quarter, interior had a cig burn in it, stank of smoke, and part of the dashboard was missing:eek: , the have a clip on type dash board surround to part cover the switchs if you get what I mean, and differnet models and specs have differnet colours adn materials (e.g normal get grey plastic, aero's get nicer grey plastic or fake wood, hot aeros' get alu look plastic, or real wood, or carbon fibre (extra £200+:eek: ), and viggens are only allowed real brushed alu:yum: ) and it was missing all togther leaving holes in the dash. not just that but the previous owner must have had a dog or two and whilst interior and carpet was OK (load bay thing) but the dogs had scratched the hell out of the rear bumper when jumping in and out.
and on the way back the next day the windscreen on the audi (advertised forsale already) got smashed by a random rock(n)

so yet again we face the wrath of mainline dealers. this cosmic blue job came from a specialist saab/audi/merc guy, he only buys high end models in mint or near mint condition (original aero wheels were kerbed to hell (We saw good pics of them), and he offered them to us for nothing but they were really really bad, beyond resonable repair) this one had new wheels and two bits of interior plastic (electric seat controls on both sides were scrathced from peoples feet brushing them so he replaced them too, making it MINT!!
nice car,vauxhall cavalier fooorpan ;)
as for x car will out accelerate x car in x gear.these figures often dont tell the true an article recently talking over the same these are cold figures and as such what speed will the carrera turbo be doing when it hits 2nd?what revs will it be doing and will the turbo still be spooled up? its a nice talking piece but in real world driving they dont translate