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Apr 2, 2006
Quick hello all from new member Pete, just bought myself an Orange 2000 Marea 130JTD HLX saloon.

Latest in a line of fiats i've owned since age 17, stated with a 1981 126 then on to a 1986 Panda 1000S, 1986 Uno 45 Fire, 1987 Uno 70SX, 1989 Tipo 1.6 DGT SX, 1997 Marea 1.8 ELX, 2001 Seicento Sporting and now with the orange beasty mentioned above.

Hello and welcome :wave:

Nice to see you like your Fiats.
just had bad news, sent it in for a service and check up, unfortunately needs new injectors, glow plugs and air flow meter which means big bills, going to get rid of the orange beastie!


How big a bill are you expecting?!

MAF - £120 or £8 if cleaning it works.
Glow plugs - £80 tops
Injectors - Dunno but doubt they are all dead - bottle of injector cleaner?

Surely its worth the cost to keep such a practical but fun car? You'll probably lose more on the sale value with the defects listed.
injectors have been priced at £125 each and needs five due to five cylinder, so with fitting and the other bits the estimate was £850 - £900! don't really want to throw any more money at it as paid £1350 for it which i think was a bit steep, particularly as red key missing, but thought it was worth a chance as it is a rare motor (had visions of getting it chipped!).

Think i'll just wack it through the auctions and get back whatever I can. After this marea cock up considering going back to simple motoring that even i can work on myself (not a natural DIY'er) , anyone got a panada 750L going????? keep life simple!