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Jan 13, 2019
Hi, I'm an Newbie from 2019! I never posted anything apart from a Query this week ( I managed to fix it) I first bought, all 1.9 and 2. 0 diesels, A black high roof ex taxi, 330,000 miles 1 years Mot for £350. Kept it for 1 year. Mot it for year no advisories, sold for £375 I had fitted timing belt kit, so think buyer got a good deal. Regretted selling it Immediately. A year later I bought sd55 nice blue doblo mpv kept it for 5 years, timing belt (was getting good at this) Renewed brakes all round and welded o/s/r wheel arch and put it in for mot. I then bought 2013 2.0 Eleganza mpv nice car but give me my 55 plate back! Any how that's my story. I really enjoy reading the forum. I hope some day to be able to answer a Question!