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Oct 17, 2007
Hi everyone I am new to the Forum
My wife is the proud owner of a lime green metallic Cinquecento 900SX which my kids have christened Snozcumber.
I have so far had to change the Radiator and fan switch, expansion bottle cap, and water pump. The little beast would boil up in traffic queues. I also fitted a Speedo cluster (good old eBay) with a temperature gauge in it so we would get a little bit of warning before the steam started to pour out.
We have also had some fun with the central locking which would go berserk every now and then locking and unlocking over and over.
Unfortunately it has now developed a nasty grinding noise in fifth gear.
I optimistically tried to fix it by changing the gearbox oil but no luck.
The Haynes manual does not even have a picture of the innards of the box so I am hoping some of you may be able to advise me as to fix it or obtain a good recon box.
Sorry for the long introduction
Snozcumber can see your a fan of the BFG :D nastey discusterous stuff is snozcumber :yuck: welcome to the forum (y)