New to Fiats. New to FiatForum.

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New to Fiats. New to FiatForum.


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Jan 15, 2006
Hi guys,

just entered the world of Fiat after buyinga 98 Cinq Sporting on a whim.

Been reading through the forum for the last couple of weeks and it seems most of the members have their heads screwed on right so I thought I'd better register. As I said, I'm a Fiat virgin so feel free to offer tips and advice.

Had a few cars before but none that made me smile quite so much as the wee Cheekycento.

Lastly, I'm in Fife, Scotland so if you're local and see a big bald guy doing a hulk impression in a wee red Cing, it's probably me. Gies a peep!
Thanks for the welcome guys. =)

No photos as yet. Car was parked up for 6 months before I got my hands on it and we've not had the weather to get the buffer on it yet >.<

Autoglym Restorative polish has got rid of the faded white look so the car is red again but I really need a couple of fair days when I'm not working to get her looking good. I also need a replacement rear bumper as mine came with a monster of a crack so if anyone's breaking a red sporting .... *wink wink*

So far I've fitted a sexy total closure alarm (ebay 50 bucks) so I could stick the ICE from our other car into the Cinq. The horn was defective so there now a twin tone airhorn lurking behind the front bumper. Perfect for those pelican crossings...

I ordered 30mm springs yesterday and I'm gonna send payment for one of mckcrich's 'Universals' tomorrow. So that's next weekend sorted out...

Plans are to upgrade the exhaust

coupled with a shiny tailpipe.

I need to figure out how to fit one of the cone filters I have kicking about to the stock airbox. (Anyone done this already?)
And I wouldn't mind some new wheels and rubber, maybe upgrade to 14s?

Opinions on these?

Bought the Cinq to use for my second job (Pizza delivery, Yay!) as I didn't want my 'nice' car getting shoddy. Almost sad to admit it but I've actually spent more time with the fiat. First car I've had with character, he he.
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