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Stilo New Stilo


I picked up my new Stilo JTD yesterday and I just wanted to say how great it is.

it never runs out of poke, even at motorway speeds, there are so many toys to play about with, the steering is tons better than my punto I had.

I have one question though what does "inst comsumption" mean on the trip computer? does it mean if you carried at that speed in that gear thats what mpg you would get?

Oh and here are some pics of the beast.
i bought it for £5350 with 41k on the clock, a real bargin if you ask me! it's also got wheel mounted stereo controls i dunno if this was standard on the dynamic or not?

i bought a 53 plate fiat stilo 1.6 16v dynamic with black interior, sky roof etc with only 46k on the clock for 2grand. now thats a real bargain :p

however that was at auction, but still cheap!