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Technical New rubber window seals

Mar 7, 2005
The original seals on my van are a bit tired, with flecks of paint, old sealant and the odd gouge in them. I can tidy them up a lot but would prefer to replace them.

I've found a company who make generic seals of various sizes and there is one which would probably fit. The catch is that from the spec. they aren't able to go round the tight radius at the corners. I could also get a roll of suitable-looking seal that is intended for VW campervans, which I assume will do that.

I'm wondering has anyone else been here and done that?
Hi Fiat 500

Have you tried

Edgeware rubber & trim.
look at the wall chart on the web site( and see 1209 and 601

hope this helps


than-you was committing me to the Sealsdirect supplier. ;) It made me think about dimensions; the Edware stuff is equally 5mm in both grooves. he one I have bought it 1.6mm in the inner groove for the van and will fit more tightly without a ned for fillerstrip. I'm not looking forward to fitting four side windows and a rear screen but using new rubber should help.
Hi Peter

The windscreen rubber is quite specialist but easy to fit if you get the right part. I got mine from Ricambio They are showing as out of stock at the moment but the link should give you a start.

For the side windows, door seals etc. I used They were very helpful and were happy to send samples for me to compare.

This is what I ordered in the end.

ITEM / SKU / Quanty
Sealing rubber profile 1 - 3 mm / 24500820 / 9
Window rubber seal 23.5 - 16.3 mm / 21300218 / 15
Window seals solid rubber 5 - 6 mm / 21302006 / 15
Sealing rubber profile 1.5 - 3 mm / /24500155 / 14
Sponge rubber D-profile 20 x 20 mm black with adhesive / 22502020 / 1
Sponge rubber D-profile 10 x 12 mm black with adhesive / 26801210 / 5

I over ordered a bit to allow for wastage and experiments. It's worth getting samples to double check before ordering.

All the windows are a two person job to fit as you need someone on both sides of the glass.

Happy to share the technique if you need/want it.

For the side windows, door seals etc. I used

Thank-you for that very comprehensive and helpful reply Gary Gary50; I didn't even know the windscreen seal was listed anywhere but will follow that up.

I browsed Rubberstock's website and came up with the same window seal as you bought. But the WR62 listed at Sealsdirect is marginally closer in dimensions in all respects to the existing ones I have. It also has the advantage of being about 40% cheaper; something I always find attractive. :D

The big question is whether or not I can make it follow the corner radius. I might come back to you for advice on fitting, but I've fitted Fiat 500 side windows which are sealing fillet, so I'm hoping it won't be any harder to achieve than that was.

So a typical question from me, for which I have over-ruled the very positive answers I have been given; but I'm very grateful for the guidance and will give a rundown of fitting the windows once the seals are delivered.:)
I didn't even know the windscreen seal was listed anywhere but will follow that up
Although Ricambio is showing out of stock its worth giving them a ring. I have also seen the windscreen seals pop up on Ebay occasionally. It's worth getting the original part if you can as its quite easy to fit and gives a proper finish.

The side window rubbers I bought were also easy to fit but fit them to the window opening first and then fit the glass. The corners kink at first but give a nice smooth radius once the locking strip is in place.

Either way it's a two person job and having a couple of window sucker/clamps makes the job less stressful.

One thing that I didn't due due to lack of time. The interior trim/lining is usually wrapped into the window aperture first and then the window rubber fits over this. This makes a better finish inside.