grille 003.jpg

Tipo (Classic) New Grille on George the Tipo!!!


BEFORE .... with the Fiat Badge and logo...........


AFTER..... with the Fiat Badge and logo removed...

grille 003.jpg

Whatcha fink den????
Very smart. Gives it that clean fresh look.
Well done for trying an succeeding on your own. You'll like it for longer because of it.

Cheers Mate, Know what you mean about D.I.Y, Its just too easy to throw money at a body shop and get stuff done and then say you have done it,
Ive done all the work on my Tipo and loved every minute of taking it to different levels of modification, From re-trimming the interior to Installing a 2.0 engine.. All good fun and games.... :slayer: (y) :slayer: (y)

when i first got "George"


To how he is today...

mix 011.jpg