Punto (Mk1) New bit what do you all think.


Kev fitted the new spoiler the other day what do you all think.
dawn_of_time said:

Those two words dont often go in the same sentence :p

Pete, Kev says hes ready to start modding the engine, do you know where there are any cheap turbo kits :p

There's someone (badboycinq ?) selling a high boost turbo Cinq complete engine, you could prob'ly use the bits off that...

Failing that, maybe best to find a rolled / rear ended Punto GT and swap the lot over.

**woohoo, got me password back:D **
dawn i love your car, but i hope u can take that spoiler off, without leaving too much off a mess

the rest off the car is great but that just sticks out and does just look like its been stuck on:(

dont beat me up next time i see u please
No, not yet, I think you all know my opinion without me posting but I like Dawn too much to say it! lol
Hmm not sure to be honest dawn, but the rest of the car is looking fab, a few nice engine mods would shut those gimps on Barryboys up!
dawn i like it, looks good.

Are those discs on the rear brakes or have you painted your drums yellow??
If so what kinda paint u use?
errr james m, i just gave you good reputation. i don't have a lcue what it means so pressed the button to find out and left you some good.

Please return the favour mate! Cheers cush!!!