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General need some ones knowledge

2mm/3mm if its only in the boot i shouldnt think youll need much thiner.

2-3mm....:eek:..are you crazy??

The bulk of the car is comprised of sheet that I believe is around 0.7-1.0mm thick.

Im sorting out the rear arches, using some 1.1mm sheet and that looks a little too thick (only ~0.5mm over), but its not bad enough to lose sleep over.
Yeah 3mm is way too thick. You will prob blow holes in the body before you will get it to stick. As said before 1mm is fine- thats what I would use anyway.

3mm aint that thick. i make parts for the new civic and loads of other cars and quite alot of the steel we use is thicker than 1mm for eg t5he new civic type R doors are 2.4mm thick

also i used 3mm thick to weld the floor pan up on an old mini and it welded fine
Drive round the countryside with a set of tin snips in the car. When you see an abandoned washing machine, cut a plate out of that.



Thats what my mini is half made out of. dish washers,washing machine etc(y)

Those doors on the new type R's must weigh abit is there made from 2.4mm steel