Punto (Mk1) My wee Punto



Still prettymuch standard although I've got CD player fitted. Waitin to get 'zorst fixed cos its fartin like a trooper on the heinz, and a leaky rocker cover gasket...

only had it two weeks an it :slayer: apart from the niggles
yeah just had it washed today...(hoping no one notices the ding in bonnet...wasnt me btw)

i know its off topic but does anyone know where i can get blue repeaters for it and smoked/tinted taillights looked everywhere for em but cant find em...
ive got some blue repeaters, i sold them to a girl on ebay for about £12 inc p%p, she only sent me £8 i told her and she said she sent wrong postal order and will sent the rest, that was weeks ago and i havent heard from her since. i will email her and see whats up, i may have to sell them again.