my tale of woe

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my tale of woe


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Sep 15, 2006
i'd just bought myself a shiny 51' punto sporting, however it had no tax, i bought it on a saturday, and then sorted my insurance on the monday, but couldnt tax it until thursday, finally on thursday i took my punto with it's full fiat service history to get a little drink from the local tesco pumps, filled her right up and she was LOVING it drinking it up until her tank was full to the brim, if she could talk she'd be saying how much she loved my and my petrol filling skills.

the problem came when i went to pull away from the pump, put my foot on the clutch...and pop....all the clutch oil spilled out all over the garage forecourt, very embarrasing. had to drive her home without a clutch, both the punto and i were not best pleased.

so now the lovely punto is sat in a garage waiting for it's slave cylinder to be replaced, and she will be coming home on tuesday night, when finally i will be able to take it for a drive, over a week from when i bought it........SIGH. :( (n) :cry:
a new slave cylinder only costs £25 and takes half an hour to fit so its no big deal. :)
yeah i know it's not a big job at all, it was just unfortunate that it went the first time i drove it. but it'll be back soon and i can have a play with it. :)
haha yes i did, i went to the post office then to tesco to fill up. however i did not get the chance to get a tax disk holder, that was next on my list. but then ol slavey cylinder reared her ugly head.