Stilo My Stilo


:D Here she is just got her in imaculate condition, all the bells and whistles except no leather :mad: but I can live with that :)
Sorry about the pics not the best, but it gives you the idea 2003 with 50,000 miles and a bargain to boot,

I would like to de-badge her how/ hard easy it
Nice car! :D The Stilo section of the forum should be able to help with your de-badging question :)
Check out the guides link above, there is one for debadging (y)
nice motor!, abarth 3 door... nicest one personally, as for leather i think your better without it... looks very plasticy In my opinion
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shame i dont get paid for it though :p, you can make good money (that helps to keep a fiat on the road :D)
Cant find the De-badging link can any one point me in the right dirrection (y)
search icon at the top :D

i got my debadging info off the stilosport website :p

the badges on the front wings are off, just got to remove the stilo bit at the back (y)
so? lower it anyway - i know plenty people that manage, meself included (y):p

you know you want to......

will leave it standard thanks (y)

seems quite low enough on the bottom anyway, and i dont want to risk it on the speed bumps, muddy fields, and rutted tracks i have to go across.

the money is going into my new grille and remap :rolleyes:
I would like to de-badge her how/ hard easy it

Very easy to debadge, this is how I normally do it:

Warm / boiling water, dental floss and then clean off any glue residue with tar/bug remover, then use a bit of wax to clean the area again.

smoothly does it!!!

The warm / boiling water melts the adhesive behind the badges, then the dental floss separates the badge & adhesive from the car. Dental floss works well as it won't scracth the paint. You may need wrap a few lengths of floss otherwise the floss may break away. I've also used a credit card instead of dental floss, just be very careful if your paintwork is soft.