Punto (Mk2/2b) My Punto MK2b Active Sport (Paulo).


Hey guys!

Only my second day on the forum, but today I bought my very first car; an unmarked and unaltered Fiat Punto Active Sport (MK2b) in Dolphin Blue. I knew years ago that I wanted a Fiat for my first car, and didn't expect to find this gem very very very close to where I live!

I wont be modding or altering him in any way, just maintaining him with lots of tlc :D. First on the list to buy for him is a new rear badge, some floormats and a new key. Currently he's having a thorough service and all that's needed so far is a new rocker cover gasket.

Let me know what you think of him, plus any tips or advice for a first time Fiat (and first time car) owner! (y)

Chris :)
Re: My Punto MK2b Active Sport (Paulo)


my mate has that colour, its very nice when polish up and waxed,

the only thing i would say is if you want to keep it stock, but make it look like you payed for a few extras when new, maby consider colour coding your wing mirrors and door handles , if your unsure about this then have a look at my thread (link below) just makes the car looks alot nicer and in my veiw more expensive ;p very nice car tho ! keep us updated on any changes
Re: My Punto MK2b Active Sport (Paulo)

It's a stunning car, I have a very similar Punto Sport Xbox edition and I have kept it exactly as is came, it looks good enough in my opinion without chavving it up like boy racers (y)