Styling my new cinque!

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Styling my new cinque!


Oct 3, 2005
well after the sad demise of my last one in november, its been replaced by this almost identical 98 version.

passed NCT yesterday(y)
gt alloys
gmax springs
ms design rear extension
sparco buckets
omp wheel
debadged and delocked boot


what ya think!
more to come, it was a messy non runner a few weeks ago
Very nice! We really must organise a meeting of Irish Cinq owners this summer. The GT wheels look well - did you have fun with spacers and nuts getting them to fit (I did!). Have you any plans for the engine or is it staying standard (well you do have two years NCT...)

Keep it shiny-side up!
Wow those are nice wheels, where you get em from?? :p That boot is after my own heart :slayer: just have to get a spoiler and imo a abarth rear and there is no faulting it!! as im not a fan of the ms design stuff, but everyone to there own!

looks ace John, keep it up!!

ps are the spacers and bolts ok?? should be as were on my cinq, just checking..
Bushboy said:
wheels look crap.. get rid asap! rest of the car looks a goodun though. nice condition from the piccies :)

whatever you think yourself! :rolleyes: i like em and they suit the car imo,
not really any other wheels that i would have on it. what have you on yours bushboy?

turbocinqy, spacers worked fine, bit of "persuasion" with a ball pein hammer and a vice grips stopped all the rubbing (y)
boot was a diy attempt as was the spraying of the bumpers and boot, would like the abarth sideskirts and front extension, but i'm happy for now

all i want now is an anti roll bar! :chin:
but mine isn't a sporting, no point pretending to be something its not!
thank you mase (y) will get some more pics up soon
wasn't expecting such a mixed reaction to the wheels!
spacers on and no rubbing anywhere, the tires are 185/55, thats what came on them and im not going to take off practically new tires!
if you like it, cool, if you dont thats fine, everyone is entitled to there opinion (mine is right though:p )