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Punto (Mk1) My maramite car - love it or hate it - work in progress


Still loads to do yet but what you think
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Lets try again shall we?! People the OP hasn't slagged off your mods so don't do the same, if all cars were the same it would be very boring, if you really must vent then do so in your own head or head over to a well known forum and feelfree to sign up!!

Welcome to the forum, good luck with the work in progress, update the pics as you go please.

welcome to the forum, keep up the work (y) hope to see you at some of the meets/shows :slayer:

I personally dont like it either, but if you like it who cares what anyone else thinks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
thats why i refer to it as marmite lol, Still got a long way to Go as got alot still to do, I dint want to be the same as everyone else thats why its so different, took alot of stick for it which at first i dint like, then i told myself ppl can think what they like its my opinion that matters.

So ppl feel free to be as harsh as you want i dont mind peoples opinions & it still would be nothing compared to the abuse i got of puntosports lol

No doubt hopfully meet some of you at shows & cruizes etc etc
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I was reading this last night and thought the opions expressed were completly valid and he asked for opinion and by calling a Marmite car clearly knew it would get extreem reactions. This is the first time i have seen such draconian sensorship on this forum:eek: Usually i support the mods but not this time shame on you mods :shakehead:

This guy will find out one way or another that it looks naff it is better than been told honestly and anonimously on a forum than to be stood and pointed and laughed at in the street
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well the bumpers are in for spray next month so all 1 colour then, but iv never had anyone laugh at ma car in all honesty, but its had so many photos takin at cruize's & shows and even been photo'd at cruizes by fast car so theres obviously alot of ppl out there who do like it so i look on the positive rather than the negative
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