Grande Punto My GP "Lucky"


First of all, sorry to everybody for not being very active here. I check on posts etc. pretty often, but rarely post anything.

Anyway, just though I'd show my GP 1.2 Lucky. Nothing too special though as the roads here are bad and this is a daily driver.

Stealthy! What size rims are they? And is there something in place of the usual Giugiaro badge? Can't make it out on the phone!
Ah ok, looks nice man... Looks good all blacked out. Should tint the rears, make it REALLY stealthy lol
Yeah, rear sides are gonna be tinted soon, (they're the only ones I can legally tint here anyway), although I'm gonna swap her for a 4x4 soon. Even with the standard suspension, it's too low (sounds strange, doesn't it)
2008 grande punto.disel.
Not sure how to work this site as i've just joined.
Can anyone help.
AT TIMES i find it difficult to select gears. have taken it to garage but gears did not play up at time of inspection.