Bravo My Bravo

Thanks chaps. I need to get the wheels refurbed as they are suffering from the dreaded Fiat alloy wheel peel (n)

Was thinking of a dark gloss graphite colour, not black though:confused:
looks good
cleaner than mine !!!
my alloys have no paint peel ???
im just suffering from red paint peeling on calipers,which dealer says is wear and tear so wont replace or repaint ??

another summer job to add to list
Looks lovely! can tell it's new cause you still have tread on the front tires and they are the original ones!!
As for the paint chipping, i am literally just about to spray mine tomorrow! They do tend to just chip away! really frustrating and i tend to find that there is parts that you just cant get the break dust out of!
Lovely looking car! :)