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500 My Bella



She's home and attracting attention from the locals already. Sadly it seems to be only middle aged men and no young ladies lol
I am getting the side moulding and Italian wing stickers added on Monday.

For once I'm looking forward to my journey to work on Monday
Spent the journey home hoping I'd get to flash another 500 but sadly none to be seen.

Was nice to see a Mini Cooper owner eyeing Bella up in the car park though.
Well I wont comment on Minis as I see one lurking feeling sorry for itself behind your 500! :D I always find that when I'm driving our other car I see lots more 500s on the road! Its a great feeling when you do pass one tho and manage a bit of mutual waving! Actually someone in a seicento waved and smiled at me the other day, she was obviously a small fiat aficionado!