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Uno My 92 Uno


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Dec 30, 2005
well took some pics today, but it was a bit to dark for my phone cam..
And I don't have a real digi cam, so this will have to do for no.

When the weather clears up, and I get the cam from work, I will make some decent pictures. (read more in focus ones then this one..)

But for now my Uno:

Exept for the wheels and the front fender it's an original 92 selecta.(to my knowledge the selecta doens't have front foglights, but this one does)
It's just did 5000 miles over the last 7 years..:) bringing the total to 60,000 Miles..:)
So you can say it like brand new..(y)
The aloys are not my favorite but they will do for me, altho they are on the small side (13 inch) and that looks poop without any lowering.
But I wont be changing anything in that area, not worht the money to me.
I will make a cold air k&N air intake, and mabe be a dif exaust system.
That should top it over the 85 Bhp, and that will do for me. (being original now it's on 75 Bhp now)

So this post will be update some time this week, when I borow the digicam from work and make some decent pictures of my ride.
if I loose the cat make it a group A exaust, and an open filter, it will.. :)
but I doubht the old ball and chain will let me spent that much money..:(