Technical Multipla JTD gearbox engine/mount


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Sep 18, 2013
Whilst having a general gander through the brill Multipla threads I noticed issues with the engine/gearbox mount failing (rubber encased in alum casting). I was due to have an MOT at my regular Hamptons Motors in Warrington & happened to mention the issue. They checked the casting and in fact removed it only to find that the blind side had cracked and the split was also running on the underside of the base of the mount. Needless to say there were no symptoms of any imminent failure/vibration etc. If it did fail it would have probably meant curtains to my reliable steed of some 193k miles before it's 10th birthday! So many thanks to all for posting their tales of woe on this brill forum and PLEASE check your gearbox/engine mounts (y). Considering they cost £55 from ebay and little labour...I reckon they should be changed at the same time as the cam-belt or at least removed completely and examined after a thorough wire brushing first....rather that than risking a possible write-off on an older car...:cry:
Oct 9, 2009
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Good advice I'll grant you, but where do you draw the line?
If you checked all the common fault items/areas on the Multipla, you'd be under it for a month :eek: