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Mph Show

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The show with Clarkson was funny as hell (be good this year with james and hamster being there)

Basicly EVERY car was there last year, Had 3 enzos at the event and so on o.o

Not sure if I'm going this year as payed out for new gearbox :/ also the autosport motorshow in Jan is pretty good too. - o.o lucky day ? :D - *rolls eyes* - shhh lets steal it and drive it out without anyone knowing :eek:
I'm hoping to go to Birmingham (since live in nottingham its better travel wise thou past few years I go to earls court since make a day of it and also earls court has more cars then birmingham (see car list on current site and * next to them will only be in london)

Too many smexy ladies... Must Go... :D


Text "london c" or "birmingham c" to 6777 to try win some free tickets. One entry per sim per week <.< I tryed with 2 and not won, others I know online have won and got tickets ;-; (it's some comp from Shell)

Also if you buy tickets online like silver ones. Use the code "m001" to get few quid off :) which is what I'll be doing if can't win any tickets >_<
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