Styling Modified HeadLamps for Uno 1.7 Diesel

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Styling Modified HeadLamps for Uno 1.7 Diesel


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Jan 27, 2006
I have standard headlamps .. was wondering if there are any better looking with brighter light are available .. Just like looner ones or any other good lookin type? :slayer:

any ideas would be appreciated
Better looking - no.
Brighter - wire up relays with nice thick cable feeding straight off the starter motor terminal (from the battery, maybe put a fuse or two in as well). You'll need at least two relays (dipped + main) and maybe four if you want each side to remain on a separate circuit (good if something goes wrong).

Then put in 100W/90W bulbs (100W main, 90W dipped) and enjoy the fruits of your efforts... don't forget to set up the beam pattern.

I've seen a Mk1 modified with round lights (attached).



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You can get dual rectange lights for them like the kit I have on my Uno.

Poor factory wiring though, I've pretty much tripled the load what with having 4 lights plus big spots on the front too :D
HMM.. cool .. but the round ones .. i dunno maybe its just the color, making it look dumb.. but will do first wat Alex said .. time to get some new wires and relays ..
I saw somewhere that okes are installing polo headlights to theire uno's, can't remember if it was in this forum maybe someone can remember, and they looked pretty decent aswell.
IIRC it was on a uno with the gulwing doors??:confused:
The Polo lights - yeah, I think it depends just how much trouble you want to go to with your Uno! :)

The relay mods and thicker wires take you only a few hours and make such a huge difference, you'll wonder why it wasn't done before!

As for the colour "making it look dumb", I agree totally, though my camera has possibly lied a little. However the car next to it looks correct - the mica red X1/9 - well, what can I say ;)

i have installed 130/100 w philips rally h4 lamps but my reflectors are all dull.. so gonna change both h/l units..only after i can say how bright tey really are..
Well folks i'm not aware of build quality of ur UNO's but ive had a bad experience with high wattage bulbs in mine. The bulb holder burnt cuz of excessive heat these high wattage bulbs produce. If u want brighter lights install a complete HID kit in ur UNO! :D