Styling mk1 boot on a mk2

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Styling mk1 boot on a mk2


Sprite 1.3i
Jan 3, 2006
is it possible to fit the boot of a mk1 uno onto a mk2?
i personally think the mk1 boot looks better and is flushed already.
but the mk2 uno front looks better than the mk1 front :)
yes, Dunc has done it.

you have to replace quite a few bits but it's not that hard i dont think.
charlies got it in one, must have been listening to me! hehe


theres my mk2 with a mk1 rear end. its not as common as u think for people to do this, but i agree, the mk1 UT hatch smoothed looks 100% better than the mk2 rear end!

Dunc I hate you posting pics like that makes me want to keep my Uno :cry:
yea it does look 100 times better than the mk2 rear!
in my opinion the mk1 boot doesnt really need smoothing. theres no numberplate recess and the lock+handle are in the corner out of the way.

any ideas of the cost of doing this? and is it easy enough to do myself? and what is IIRC?
IIRC = if i remember correctly

as for cost, depends how good u are with a set of spanners and a spray can mate.

£20 - £50 for a boot
£50 for spraying it
£0 for fitting it

Dunc Uno Turbo said:
hehe, its pics like that, that make me wanna get my uno back on the road! just ordering my new cage now ;)


Cool not getting a custom jobby then?
i am not good at spraying but i know a guy who can do that for me. but i could try hard and find one the right colour! hmmm...
sounds hard to fit...can be that bad though.
just wondered about the cost because if its cheaper than getting my mk2 boot flushed, then might as well it.

by the way Dunc how do you open your boot with no lock/handle? always wondered that...
dunc you said £50 to get it sprayed, you mean do it youself or at a bodyshop? i got quoted £100 at a college and they dont charge for labour, that was just the outside with no blending
i did. but now its £15 with the postage. i can get a new one for that! anyway its for a mk1, i know the mk2 version is probably the same but best to be on the safe side.