Punto (Mk2/2b) me punto with 2 new mods :D


just put 2 new mods on me car :D some winddeflectors and a blue power ball on me arial lol i reckon a good 5bhp gain has been achieved lol only joking :D just thought i would share them with you. i lurve em especially me windeflectors as now i can have me window open a bit in the rain and dont get wet from it comming off wind screen.
Aw man i gotta get some some of these... 5bhp gain? :eek: On top of the resistors i can buy from Beau, plus a beast kit (easily 25bhp) and 18" rims, i could have Coupé performance* from my 55SX :D

But yeah, wind deflectors = good move (y)

Not so sure about the ping pong ball on the aerial though :p

*i wish