Technical marea weekend engine rattelingvibrating

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Technical marea weekend engine rattelingvibrating


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Oct 5, 2007
:confused: can anyone advise. On Saturday morning my normally quiet marea weelend (year 2000 1750 engine) on starting up the engine is juddering/vibratingand noisey and i can feel the vibrations in the car, car is very sluggish when trying to accelerate have just had some work done on the car new gaiters and roter arm for mot which it passed on Thursday . Once get up to 50 /60 mph engine doesnt seem to vibrate as much
sounds like a coil has failed, easy fix. check for sparks on all cylinders, compare the colour of all 4 plugs, and measure resistance of each coil pack.

by the way your engine doesnt have a rotor arm, that is something used on older vehicles that used a distributor instead of coils. i think you may have been charged for work that hasnt been done and for parts that dont exist.
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thanks a friend has confirmed coil has failed any instructions for replacing this part , where it is etc my brother has offered to help if i can get some instructions, sorry it wasnt a roter arm it was a lower suspension arm ,i am new to all this car talk but after many years of paying expensive garage bills i am attempting some work myself with the help of a friend
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