Man i wish i had the cash

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Man i wish i had the cash

Hey Ghost,

Stop for a minute and look at you sig.......................realise that it is uber nice and needs no further styling goodies, just fund the vvvvrrrooooooommmmm pitttttttttttsssssccccccccccchhhhhhhhhh!

i know, im just never content :p

the weekend she's getting rear bushes done, rear 60mm kit fitted and UT calipers fitted :D then during the week my new samco hoses (practically every hose under the bonnet) should be here :D so next weekend is sorted too :) polish up a couple of bits under bonnet and she's done there too :D

oh and soon smooth doors too ;) (y)
GhostWKD said:
ahhh yeah think tricker got them, wonder how much work it would take for the 7x14's :eek: (yep i change my mind as often as my wheels lol) turbocinqy1250 has brocks iirc

to be honest mate, i dont think they would require much work.... especially cause of the slight arch extensions u have! i mean, your smoors went on fine at the front (y) these would prob fit better due to the design leaving more room around the hub.... with the -60mm drop u would prob have to get the arches rolled as mine used to scrub with 6x14's but apart from that..... i dont see much of a problem. :cool: