Styling Lowering My Punto

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Styling Lowering My Punto


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Apr 14, 2004
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im gettin a gd price on a set of gmax 35mm springs. on my mk1 punto ive got 16's on n altho the bac isnt too bac the front gap is abt 6cm. jst wantin to knw wud 35mm drop it exactly 35mm (i knw stupid question) stil having a 25mm or will the arch hog the wheels slightly better?? if still a lil confusing ask ask..........i've given pics here of front if helps.


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Are you asking if it will rub or are you asking if 35mm will lower it enough to look gd?

It wont rub with 35mm drop and yes it will look gd, the 35mm is a rough estimate of what it will lower by, it always varies from car to car.

I think the 35mm drop will have the car giving a better stance but it wont have your tyres burried up in the arches.

Hope that helps :D
hey bud!
my 60 s is lowered 60mm on 16" and dont rub!........... but i have just reallised a problem................. how am i gunna get it on the rolling road, with a drop, with out smashin up the body kit?!