Lots Of Mods, How To Inform?

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Lots Of Mods, How To Inform?


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Aug 7, 2005
Ive added the following to a my car

performance custom made cat back system

induction kit

alloy wheels

sport brakes

sports clutch

sports suspension kit

audio equipment valued over £2000 (mainly headunit £1000)

now how do i declare these to my insurance, lol
When you ring up they usually ask if there has been any modifications to the vehicle etc.

Or alternatively if you are not due for isurance renewal just yet you ring em up and decare them, but they might not insure you, especially the mainstream insurers
Ideally, you should have done it the other way around - looked into insurance first, make sure you can get cover then go for the mods :)
Actually declaring the stuff is straight forward as the others have said :)
If your stuck I found Adrian Flux reasonable for like to like insurance on modifications.

If you find someone that will give you cover on that value of ICE could you let me know. Thx(y)

I think I am going to go for a specialist insurer for my scimitar GTE as I can't get quoted as I am under 21 thru mainstream bunch, they seem to think that a 1950's 3.0 v6 (age of engine not car LOL) is like some weapon of roadrage and what am I doing with such a (in their words) 'powerful performance vehicle' LMAO, yes when it was NEW 31years ago it could pull 60mph in8.5secs, but this is now and 134k miles later!! Struggle to kick out half of what it did when new I would reckon!

anyway if I put that on specialist insurance I can put that and volvo on super limited milage (combined they may only fetch 2,500miles), might as well put punto on unlimited (did18,000 miles last year).