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General Long Time No Speak


I used to be a Fiat owner
Apr 27, 2004
Location Leeds
Now then guys

long time no speak how are you all... god i miss this place :cry:

I now own a 1.6 renault megane rt sport, i still see my cinq now and again the guy who bought it brings it to visit me.

So what ay all been upto

by the way my new msn addy is [email protected]

i now also own and
you can catch me there

:slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:
hello there.

I've done a few changes to my car. mainly 1242 with skimmed, ported, flowed head with multi angle valve cuts. ligthened flywheel (y) oo its quick :D
it did but to be honest it was mechanically fooked it looked the part and drove the part but never for long.
and on my way to work is speed bumps for 2 mile so it wast for the cinq