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Local knowledge required :- maidenhead

Big Black Stilo

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Jun 3, 2004
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Im really struggling to find a hotel in Maidenhead or near by for two night in early December that is a hotel that isnt slagged off on late rooms, or is going to cost more than £100 a night.

anyone any ideas or recommendations?
I work in Maidenhead, what are you looking for? Chain hotel like travel lodge, premier inn or don't mind independent places?
Premier inn are a joke! well too expensive

travel lodge is an option, but the price is only resonable unless you look at staying at heathrow airport.

not bothered by indie places, but nothings coming out great. (eg Kingswood Hotel) just wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that might not be on late rooms that might be decent
Elva Lodge

Walton Cottage Hotel

I work for a Motorsport firm in Maidenhead and whenever our agents or customers come and visit our workshop they stay in either one of those 2 places. Never heard anyone complain about them!

Walton Cottage is closer walking distance wise to Maidenhead town centre. Can't say thats a good thing tho Maidenhead is a hole lol
im expecting it to be a dive to be honest!!! the mrs is on a course all day so i might find a cinema and escape reality for a while!!

cheers for the tip, will check them out!
woa!!! just checked the price of that elva lodge place!!! is there something on that week that makes it dear?

may have to get on the blower and do some blagging!!!
cheers dave, to be honest i been looking for a long time and the prices havent changed at all.
Have you looked in Reading? Its only 15 mins drive from Maidenhead straight down the A4 or M4.. .

Its a much bigger town so should have some cheaper places.. .