Little B******s!!!!!!

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Little B******s!!!!!!


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Jul 15, 2005
Arrrrrrrr!!!!! i went to see my sister the other day, she pointed at my passenger side and asked "what happened?"

At which point i quickly got out my car and ran round to have a look.

To my horror the passenger door was completely caved in and scratched to peices!!!! my poor little car looked a wreck!

I can't believe someone was horrible enought to crash in to my car, cause so much damage, and just drive off!

so if you see any white vans (the scratches were white and some too high to be a car) in the Bristol area, with red seicento paint on it, do me a favour and slash all its tyres!
I had exactly the same thing on my Coupé 2 years ago. Got a price for fixing it - £740 :eek:
Got a replacement door second-hand instead (y)
Many many moons ago (when I was a skint student) a was up from college in Winchester visiting my girlfriend in Bristol (hmmmm, nurses..... :D ).
Anyway (bit off topic there, sorry ;) ) a bunch of scrotes broke into my VW estate and stole my walkman, CD player etc etc which were hidden inside the car - for good measure they scratched up the whole of the n/s of the car :mad:
Oddly enough the little feckers had a sense of humour and left a note saying they hadn't nicked my CDs or tapes because they thought my taste in music was ****e :rolleyes: The Police just about pissed themselves - fortunately I can almost see the funny side of it now some 14 years later (y)
Well its not nice but someone told me this- a guy drove into this parked car got out of his car and started writing a note onlookers thought he was giving out his detailes but what he actually wroye was [ppl here think im leaving my details well tuff s--t i aint] (n)
utter coward soo poor for a guy to behave like that.

am soo sorry to hear off the damage to your car
Sorry to hear about your car.

our new car (we have had it less than a month) has been scratched from the back to the front door. All in the matter of 10 Mins while my wife was picking our Son up form school today. The whole side will have to be painted. Great!
Cheers for your comments guys!

My boyfriend has managed to bash most of the dent out. You can just see a couple of creases where it was, and the scratches!

I'm going to try some red t-cut and see how much that helps.

I think i might just put up with it for now (due to lack of funds) and if i ever want to sell it, i might try to pretty her back up again then :(