Technical Limp Mode - MES forced regens failing

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Technical Limp Mode - MES forced regens failing


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Nov 1, 2021
Hi there

Posting here as the doblo section is quiet. I have a 1.9 Doblo 120hp multijet (223) stuck in limp mode. Can't rev over 3500 and no power.

Quick recap: Car has been stuck in limp mode since purchase. Car firstly had an egr code, replaced the egr and no difference. Then found split flexi pipe before the DPF, replaced that. Cleaned the DPF with brick cleaner. Replaced the DPF EGT sensor. Still no difference and stuck in limp mode.

When running a forced regen in MES it fails. Initially it was throwing a code for EGT sensor hence we replaced that. Now there is no EML, no DCTs except for P0683 for glow plug circuit.

When the forced regen fails MES says "Injected quantities outside permitted range" or something very similar. Is this an injector issue?

Anyway, it's still stuck in limp mode and I have no idea what the issue is. Spent a few hundred on parts and labour and no further to fixing it.

If anyone can shed some light it'd be great. Otherwise I will have to sell it spares and repairs.