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Technical Lambda sensor wiring

Jan 16, 2020
I replaced my post cat sensor about a year ago (p0141 error code).
It was a quick fix ebay unit and has lasted until now with engine light and p0141 error again.
After unplugging and reconnecting or moving the loom wires the light disappears so I thought wiring issue.
I thought I'd double check the resistance across the 2 white wired heater pins at the sensor connector and got 986 and no audible beep with the multi meter.
While I was routing around I noticed the colours of the wiring from the ecu loom connector were a bit unusual. Pics attached.
I tried doing a voltage feed test from each pin in the connector from the car and on the battery negative and got a voltage of 36 in one of the pin holes?
I'm a bit confused now as it would seem that the cheap lambda sensor heater is goosed but before buying a proper 50 quid sensor any thoughts on the strange wire colours and voltage reading?
i recently had the temp guage drop to zero when the weather was really cold and engine light came on.
The error code was for temperature control sensor but i checked it and it was ok and after clearing the error it has not reappeared.
I also had a couple of power steering lights and the old rear orange light bulb warning.
I'm in the process of replacing the rear light drivers side connector and the power steering light has not reappeared either.
My thoughts are clean up the ground connections as its a bit of a coincidence the dash has lit up at the same time?
Any other suggestions appreciated!
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