General Lambda sensor remvoal tips and tricks..

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General Lambda sensor remvoal tips and tricks..


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May 13, 2007
Hi there guys, after constant thought of my MOT failure for the emissions im going to change the lambda sensor :)

Went down to fiat they wanted £163.35 for it.

Went fown to my motor factors £49 and its the real atricle lol with plug and all lol

the lambda sensor ive got in it at the moment cost me £16 from ebay one of them universel ones..

IS there any tips and tricks i can use to take the old one off well not that old was put on 2 or 3 months ago, had new therds put in etc.. why is it so hard to un doooooooooo.
What tool are you using?
A proper lambda socket (with wire slot) or a large (adjustable) spanner.
My advice is if using a socket then use a long breaker bar handle on it to give leaverage. And if using an adjustable spanner then use a good quality one as these really do make a difference over cheap stuff. My teng spanner will do it no probs, where as my cheap chinese crap one used to open up at the slightest of pressure and start to round the hex off.
Im using a large adjustable spanner, What about running the car for a few mile then pulling over into a layby and change it there lol?