Technical Just started and could do with some 4x4 help.

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Technical Just started and could do with some 4x4 help.

Interior Stuff & More Electrics

Several hours buzzing out the dash found a loose connector on the PCB and more corroded connectors. Much cleaning up, new connectors and we seem to have a reliable (Fiat really) so rewarded myself with some nice side LED indicators.

Also collected LEDs for the number plate lights. They needed some love with a nicely rotten connector or two.


Lots of all purpose cleaner and polishing compound.

Classic LEDs festoon.

Fits well.


Also decided on some rock lights. I know bling things!

Nice if we ever do a midnight wheel change?

Dropped the rear seat in.

Template awaits.

Door side pods before and after a clean up.

and remaking the door courtesy light switches.

and finally a quick spray job on the wiper arms.

Just working on the carpet now.

More when the sun comes back (y)
Carpet and Twigs?

Given a few hours started the fit for the carpet. Its been a long time since I tried fitting a car with fluffy stuff (Mk 1 Capri).

Trying to copy cut outs from the moulded original wasn't going well so its all free style. Also the boot isn't carpeted of course on the moulded set.

Still a bit to do.

Before the rear carper was stuck down ran the last of the rock light cable and the CB antennas through to the front.

Getting tight in here...

The antenna are on plates inside the bumper and bolted to the bumper brackets.

Little bit more cleaning and treating for the interior parts.

So next is the last of the wiring from the engine bay so I can fit the front carpet.

The extended dash materials are in as are the extra instruments and switches.
Least some of this can be done indoors if the rain comes.

More later.:)
Off the Jacks!

Just to say the carpeting has not been as good as I had hoped. The material came from Coverdale as used by Wheeler Dealers apparently.
This was the budget polypropylene that may of been my small down come.
Once the adhesive is applied it sticks. No time to relocate or smooth. If you try the 'rubber' base pulls out the threads and you get an instant hole.
By the time we got to the front we had a you glue, I stretch and press, routine. Edges still difficult to align.

It will get redone at a later date with a better (£) material!

The spider is also getting a makeover!

The deckchair dash is not being refitted. Something a bit different planned.

Then got the seats in. Had to see what it looked like!

The sliders are pretty stiff so some work needed but everything else works like it should and I am happy with the look.

I acquired a front bar from Jacob. They required a quick bash in the foundry and then lots of paint!
The lights were an ebay purchase of course.

More wire to hook up under the dash!

Its looking close to MoT time now!

Has some art work laid on the rear screen. Needs to be seen from the inside to catch the detail so excuse the filtering.

Here's the artwork

Small celebration ITS OFF THE JACKS!(y)

Lots of light now!

Ghetto wheel alignment shows we are close enough to go up the road in a reasonably straight line.

You may recall the gazbo did some damage when the storms hit so new mirrors arrived from Germany.

Had to remember to salvage the rubber face seal plate before fitting the new ones.

So drove it around the drive a bit and all ready for the MoT?

No.....gearbox oil leak

First thought I had a loose gaiter but fitted a new one and it continued to drip. Then a mad search for any left over parts, check diagram etc. etc.

Left out the O ring seal!

So if the rain will stop I am pulling stuff off already. Duh!:bang:
Derek, have you done anything with the front camber? Looks like you have a lot of positive camber and you do need to elongate the holes in the hub carriers to correct this when using the Italian kit.

Yes perhaps not enough? Took 2-3mm out.

Its been pointing uphill and as is as it came of the jacks.

Will move it a bit more get it level and see if it sinks a bit.

So a lot to catch up on and the classic best of times, worst of times Panda issues.

First the first trip up the road made about 100m meters before the head gasket let go.
The head came of pretty quickly and a quick clean up undertaken.

The investigation suggested the head gasket had rotted while the motor was waiting for me to get moving on the rest of the car.

Still not sure but an airline did liberate a lot of crap from the head bolt locations which would of cocked up the torque


A quick gasket compare with the wrapped from Ricambio and the other from a motor factors.


After the rebuild and a quick head skim just in case got the proper tools on the job!
Not sure on the actual figures but 11.5 to 12.5 bar across the block.


Started well and repeated the compression test after it was up to temperature.
Still running lumpy and couldn’t get a good image on the timing light.
Shoved a new set of plugs in with no significant change.


Double checked everything then started on the ignition parts.

Removed the module and found this.




Then stripped the distributor and found this! The wire insulation had broken down and flaked away.



So new module and transducer fitted.
Yup still running rough!

Timing light (Snap On) suspected as still no stable image. Borrowed another Snap On (first error) and same issue. Eventually chatted to Snap On rep and whilst he was sceptical he was aware that some bike restorers had issues and were using a separate battery.

That worked!
Still rough. More on that later.

Continued with the interior. Seat belts and note to self hold them extended before removal (clothes pegs work) so they don’t fully rewind making it a right cow to get them out again.









Then add some new plates and surrounds so the neighbours don’t feel the need to report me for driving something off the drive a few feet with no ID. MoT to follow honest.



So now a few images taken for the insurance company so we could get an agreed value. We compromised at £6500 for total loss. Not bad?







Next batch of images to follow along with the next small disaster. Must remember reusing old parts requires a really good check to see your not building in failure.
The whole rough running thing was getting to me and at times like this you go back to the manual. Haynes not much use but the wiring diagram was a clue. The real help was the Weber 32 parts diagram and then the forum.

As the whole carb had been professionally overhauled I wasn’t going to start a strip down but the carb was the only thing left unless we have a bent cam, failed main or some such disaster. The idle shut off solenoid was removed and powered.

Bang its not totally failed but it wont function despite lube, soaking and repeated tapping. All is clear now. With the solenoid inactive and extended it wont idle end of. Extended powered and it will.


Option 1 is new and Option 2 is small hacksaw. Option 2 at the moment! Cutting back a few mm means the idle jet fuel flow is not isolated apparently.

Down for the MoT!!!

Pass but one of the outer CV clips has come off advisory only.

Fitted a new clip on return just hope this isn’t a lift kit induced issue and just a personal screw up. Other side is fine.
If it is a small foul then modified arms on the agenda?

While I am doing the CV clip and celebrating success and ready for many happy miles life catches up.

I see a drip under the wheel arch. Quick taste (not recommended) and its anti freeze. Hunt starts.
All hoses good, no visible leaks. So follow the drip back with a roll of wipes and we get to the air box. I never stripped this as it all looked good. Lesson learned again.

Here we go again, dash out, battery out, wiper motor out, air box out. Getting good at this now.


Opened the air box and hey ho control valve cracked and the O ring seal has gone all 32 years old crispy.


New valve comes in at £48 but the whole matrix with new valve £30 just have to wait for it to come across Europe.

Finally I see a puddle of rusty water coming out of the wiper motor housing. Quick clean, test and tiger seal applied.


Lastly decide its time for an oil swap especially given the head gasket incident.


Now we have been running a bit and done a mile or so but man is this dirty!


Think I will be doing this again in a few miles time.

Few more glamour shots.




So new matrix due in a few days.
Finish the dash panel and wiring up the extra lights.
Add some more negative camber to the front wheels and then final finishing.
Oh and redo the carpet!
Heater Matrix

So works has been hectic but now confined to the house unless someone breaks something so back to the project.

Can't wait now to get the 4x4 on the road as the roads have deteriorated over the winter and no one is going to get out and fix them in the near future. Even the Range Rover failed to survive a 200mm deep pot hole! Need a proper off roader!.

So pulled all the clips off the air box and exposed the interior.
Pull the heater cable out from the top section which means removing the small barrel clamp.

Half a pine forest and lots of dead things inside. this was a good move.
Gave the whole interior a good clean and lots of freshener.

The new matrix came with new foam seal.

The new matrix slips in but make sure you get the hose ends pointing forward!

Careful with the cable routing to avoid damaging the matrix and jamming under the fan. There's a nice trough for it.

Make sure the fan cable stays in the slot.

Found it easier to disconnect the front flap cable from the flap to aid putting the two halves back together.

Again watch the fan cable.

Then pop all the clips back on. Warning the ping off really quickly if your not careful. Some are more stressed than others.

Now the new unit has a different heater cam (pattern parts duh!).

Using the same clamp but bolting it through one of the clamping point bolt holes and drilling a bolt with a 1.5mm hole I made my own barrel fitting.

So its back in now. Just waiting for some coolant and we can get on with finishing this project.

Few more pics later.

Stay safe all.

Buona salute è la vera ricchezza!