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General Just bought a Barchetta

mark m

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Feb 7, 2006
Hi everyone,

I have just bought an R reg black Barchetta to take with us to Spain when we move there in July.

What a cracking car! We are gonna have some fun in this with the top down around the mountain villages where our house is.:D

I bought the car for £2000 which was really cheap. Its got a couple of dents on the car (unbroken paint) so I'm gonna have them massaged away. The hood rear window was a complete mess with a bit of plastic stuck over a hole. This made the car sound as if Rolf Harris was doing a burst on his wobble board in the passenger seat!:(

Amazingly the car came with a spare brand spanking new mohair hood and rear brake discs and new low profile tyres on alloy wheels.

The HPI check came back with no probs at all so i think i got a pretty good deal.(y)

Once I get the little probs ironed out before we go I'll be very happy.

Variator needs doing which Fiat are investigating for me to see if the car ever received a free replacement. They phoned me the other day for the chassis number so at least they are taking the matter seriously.

Heat shield is cracked:rolleyes:

And of course I need to fit the new hood at some stage. As a temp measure I ordered on the net from a triumph site a roll of the pvc plastic window material which cost £14.00 plus £6 for postage. I cut out the old damaged window with a stanley knife but left 1 and a half inches on so i could adhere the new window to something. I then coated the cleaned lip left on with a very strong adhesive for pvc. I stck the new window to the lip and then to keep it stuck down i used gaffer tape. Once dried I removed the gaffer tape and then bought some black mat tape water proof and clothed. I then stuck this around the window to hide the glue. I carefully trimmed the tape around the curved plastic edges to make it look as normal as possible. Then as extra security a used superglue to make sure the edge wouldn't lift off of the plastic beading. Then i took the plung in driving it down the motorway at around 85 mph and it was fine. It also folds fine and the tape is flexy so it doesnt lift up. This means I can get another year out of the existing hood before the new one goes on good eh? I'll post a photo on here so you can see the result. Remember in Spain it'll be down most of the time anyway!

Anyway I'm new here and the information and help is brilliant on here (y)

Cheers and adios for now:D
Hola corlaga. Muy bien, estas Barchetta muy bonita!

Nar I am English really, I to own proptery in Espanna.

Congrats on your Fiat Barchetta. and welcome. please post info up when you can, nice bunch us Barchetta owners.

And best of luck for Spain.

Keep your car clean as they can fade in the hot sun and dust of Spain.

Cheers Nino,

Its nice to be accepted into the Barchetta clan. Always good to chat with people when you have a common interest in something ...Barchettas and Spain!:D

We have some builders doing a fine job out there at the mo.. one of their jobs being a rustic wooden car port with terracotta roof. Cant wait to get the car out to the house and drive it under.:cool:

The carport was a must not just to keep the sun off but to also give protection from large hail in the winter.

My wifes aunties car was wrecked all over the body a couple of years ago by hail stones like golf balls. The car 2.9 granada scorpio ghia x was left looking like someone had gone around it with a golf club:eek:

Anyway Thanks again you'll have to post a pic of your house sometime