Punto (Mk1) Irish Punto!


Thought id post my pics from the gallery up here. Nothin major done, just a few subtle mods. Just shipped today were my abarth skirts and front bumper so hopefully ill have them in about a week and the whole lot colour coded (i HATE those matt plastic bumpers!). Also on the way are plasma dials for the dash and a gt centre console. (y)





Looking sweet mate, get some more pics up when you get the bumpers & skirts on (y)

Angel eyes are a cool look on the mk1, well worth the money IMO.

Yeh the lights are my fav mod. will post up more when i get the abarth gear fitted and sprayed. Should be bout two weeks :) i think the round fogs on the abarth front are gonna look sweet with the round lights of the angel eyes.

yeh i want to get it lowered soon aswell. When i originally bought the car over a year ago i got some 17"tooras which my mate had as an old set (scratched to bits but figured theyd still be better than steelies!) but took them off after only 3 days of driving on them as the ride was really horrible (n) and got rubbing on speed bumps etc. Decided to get some brand new 15" with the intention of lowering the car onto them but still havent done it! :cry:

Was thinkin maybe just a 40mm drop.
looks sweet, nice and clean too, unlike my sei at the mo
Well they were taken well over a month ago! Its filthy now, iv been doing a lot of country drivin lately and its got that lovely fine mud spray behind the arches! Figured id wait until i get my new bodywork done to give it another thorough going over! :p