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Technical Instrument cluster Earth


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Jun 14, 2023
Hello ,
I have a Punto mk2 188 sporting. I wanted to know where the instruments cluster's ground ends . Sorry for my English
It is earthed via the body computer (where the internal fuses are) and then to E3 which is in front of and below the battery where there is an earth block connected to the body and the gearbox earth cable.
Is there an earth point ? Under the bonnet kick ,? I had read a thread about it but I think I need to cut the carpet to get to the point
Basically my problem is with the instrument cluster and I think it is a bad earth ... So the gauges goes at it's higher position, I remove the fuses f53 f37,when remove f53 that is from the battery and reconnect, the gauges returns to normal. But when I turn on the ignition the gauges goings crazy.Removing and reconnecting the f53 sometimes make some gauges to work fine. Now fuel and temp works fine but the speed and the other gauge is in the highest position but when I drive they goes up and down

So when i disconnected the battery and reconnected sometimes the cluster worked fine , I have cleaned the earth points in the battery and under. A friend of mine that repair clusters took a look at mine and find no issues. So I think it is a bad earth or something else
The E3 Earth is just in front of the gearbox on the inner wing. There is a black 'box' there with many wires.

it is under the battery?

Do you mean this box?


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it is under the battery?

Do you mean this box?
yes. you want to clean all the surfaces there under that nut and car body and also clean the contacts under that nut that holds the large black earth cable with the thin white stripe that goes between battery and gear box. The cable is under your blue arrow.

I confused you a bit because i thought they were on the same bolt.
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How does it seem to you these capacitors? Are connected right?


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